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How to Be a True Leader 
and not Just a Boss? 
- Entrepreneur Success Stories with Joseph Land Episode #7
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Good morning everybody and today is July 22nd 2021, it’s a beautiful, awesome Thursday morning! And it’s so nice to have you all back again today. My name is Mark and am your today’s podcast host and we’re going to talk about another interesting topic and so - let’s start!

There’s a huge distinction between being just a boss and being a leader. Which one are you? According to a study, almost 50% of professionals surveyed have quit a job due to a bad boss. The saying “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” may have some truth behind it. 

Most of us think of a boss as someone who makes demands, yells at us when we screw up, and ultimately has the power to fire us at will. A leader, meanwhile, is someone who inspires us, coaches us, rallies the team, and helps everybody move forward. So, which one are you, a boss or a leader? Tune in now!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Entrepreneur Success Stories with Joseph Land and today’s topic is: How to Be a True Leader and not Just a Boss?

Again, My name is Mark and today I’m interviewing the business sage Joseph Land about Being a True Leader and not a Boss. Joseph Land is a well-known elite entrepreneur and has graciously consented to this interview to share his knowledge and expertise on how to be a True Leader.

Welcome Joseph, thank you for joining us Live today.
 Joseph Land:
Well, thank you, Mark. It's great to be on the podcast with you today.

Well, thank you, mark. It's great to be on the podcast with you today. And as you discussed above, that was very aptly described that between a boss and a leader, and this is a very sensitive subject that a lot of people are confronted with in their jobs or vocations and working for different companies.

And so it's very important if you're put in a position in a company to have authority that you become a true leader instead of just being a boss. Because people perform well for great leaders and they sometimes go through the motions for tough bosses. And so, I'm really looking forward to giving you my perspective on this today, Mark. And again, thank you for having me. 
Alright, Let’s jump right in. Now on to our first question for this topic… How do you define a boss versus a leader?
 Joseph Land:
Well, thank you, mark. And my definition is stated earlier between a boss and a leader. You know, when you look at a leader in the company, someone who is really motivating the associates and their department is performing over and above. And great things are happening in their area of the company. It's usually because of the confidence of the leader - is because he inspires people to be better than they are. He or she inspires people to be better than they are. And he or she, empowers people to become all they can become.

It's just so important if you ever get yourself in a situation where you're given authority in the company to be a leader. To be one that inspires people, remember where you came from.
And, one of my key things here is just being a confident person. Knowing that you have the skillset that puts you in the position that you're in. So treat the people like you wanted to be treated when you were in their position. And so I'm going to discuss later on here in the podcast, the differences between the boss and the leader. But it's pure confidence. Man, when you're working for someone who's confident, who's in a position of authority, and who motivates all the associates to be the best they can be. You're going to look for your productivity to be off the chain good.

So I'm very excited about, discussing what I feel with you Mark, as the differences between a boss and a leader. But again, there's nothing worse than working in a situation where you have a honorous boss, who, really doesn't realize the importance of the authority vested in him or her by the company. And it just kills productivity in most cases. And man, you want to work for a leader. And if you're listening to this, you want to be a leader. If you're put in a position of authority, you want to be a leader. You want to be that inspiring force that makes people want to get up and come to work every day. 
Now on to our second question, can you share with us, what are the 5 key differences between a boss and a leader?
Well, Mark, this is great and I want to describe to you just my kind of keys of the differences between bosses and leaders and companies. 
  • When you look at a boss and a leader - A boss will distribute assignments but a leader will guide the associates in those assignments, to the completion of the task and encourage them to complete it and to do it in the right way.
  • Some bosses keep information to themselves. You know, they get a lot of information from maybe corporate heads and they keep it to themselves. A leader is so confident when he gets information from above - man, he or she is gonna be transparent with that information and make sure all the associates have it, and know what's getting ready to come down, and know what direction is getting ready to happen to with the company - so that everybody is prepared and confident.
  • ​Between bosses and leaders is usually - A boss is wanting to take the credit. And if a confident leader, Hey, they're willing to give the credit. They're willing to shine the light on the associates so that the whole team wins. And I just think that's so key. You see that so many times a confident leader is someone who's gonna shine the light on the team.
  • ​Bosses sometimes want to separate themselves from the people that they lead and they're a little bit better than those people, so to speak and that. And that's the worst thing that you can do. A leader wants everyone to know that they're listening to them, that they're part of the team, that they're got their sleeves rolled up, and they're in there digging as well. And they want to know that they're approachable. And that they're not separate, that they're part of the team and so it goes the team, so it goes the leader. And it's just so important to know that.
  • ​Bosses care about their own success and leaders care about the success of the team. In fact , leaders look for ways to help their associates advance and improve their careers and leaders take the lessons they've learned in their career, to help the associates not fall into those same pitfalls so they can Vance faster within the company. And again, the confident leader is not concerned about somebody. Getting ahead of them or taking their place and all that. They know that they have the skills and the goods to be successful in any situation. And so they're encouraging constantly encouraging the team, constantly encouraging everybody to become all they can be. And the results are amazingly different when you look at these kinds of personalities - the boss versus the leader. The results are amazingly different in a company. 
I've seen this firsthand and the two companies I've created a one to $200 million annual sales company, one $140 million annual sales company. And when you put the right people in the right position in the company and they are true leaders - their productivity is off the charts. And so, me - when I'm running a company, or I own a company I'm looking for those leaders who inspire others to be those same kinds of leaders in the company. And when you do that Mark, man, you really got it going on. So, thank you for allowing me to show you or tell you my difference between bosses and leaders.
Now, Joseph, what can you say about the approach required to be an effective leader or do you believe in Servant leadership as the solution?
 Joseph Land:
I think mark, this is such a critical topic and I hope people enjoy this. And there's so much, I mean, I can talk about this for like two days. Having built companies and having seen people who become bosses and really hold back the company.
I want to tell you what I see as a solution in a situation like this to becoming a great effective leader and actually a servant leader - when you see a leader who is confident. They encourage the associates as I said earlier - to collaborate with them, to work closely with them, and to do it as a team instead of just doing it for the boss. 

When an effective leader gets buy-in from the people that he's leading, man, it's magical. So the next thing that I want to talk about is the leader shares the experience that they've had in the workplace to help those who are working under their charge become more effective. 

And when you think about it, when you're in a workplace where you're free to give your feedback, where you're free to save what you feel and what you mean without consequence. Man, that's a great place to work. But when the boss is Lord overall and you're afraid to give your opinion, it really holds back the company.

The third thing, as a leader, you just remain humble. Give the credit - as I said earlier. Give the credit to the team. You're in a position of authority as a leader because you were put there by your hard work and effort and not by happenstance because maybe God bless you and gave you a position of authority. And so when you're in that position, just remain humble and be willing to be confident enough to shine the light on the team. 

And then the other thing I would add to here is being an effective leader - A servant leader - allows people to give constructive feedback. You know, so many times feedback is squashed in a company or position. and I just like to encourage people to save what they feel and be open with it and get it out on the table. So everybody knows without any consequence.

And when you can put your team in that position where people are saying: "Gosh, I can't wait to go to work in the morning because I'm working in an environment where I can just be the best person I can be. I can be my best me." And as a servant leader, you want to serve the people and help them become the best that they can become. And my feeling my quote is when I'm training leadership in a company or one of my companies to take on the task and develop teams is - number one - I want them to know this: 
Now think about that, that's not the norm with most people. Most people want to pay people as little as they can pay them and thereby think they're becoming more profitable. I take the other approach - I want to train people in an excellent fashion, and I want to pay people just as excellently because I know if I do that and create the right environment, people will tend to never leave me and they'll want to be in part of what we're doing because I'm an effective leader and I am leading them in a way, making sure that they're being paid for what they're doing. And being paid well. 
Let me give an example of those - When all my transportation company, we had 2000 drivers - 2000 drivers. And, you know, our turnover was minimal because we led them in such a way. We treated them in such a way that they never wanted to leave my company to go somewhere else, and we paid them better. And you know what? When you analyze what I'm talking about right now, training someone, there's a great expense in training someone. And so you don't want to lose that person after you train them, because that's all that money that's gone into training that person - You've lost that. So why not create an environment that people never want to leave you. And why not create the environment that you pay them so well, they don't even think about leaving you. And that's what I've done over and over. And that's why I've had success in my businesses is because I treat people like I want to be treated.
And the good lesson for anybody who's becoming a boss in a company or being promoted in the company and think they're the boss. Hey, wipe that out of your mind right away. 
If you'll take that approach, it'll be amazing. Fight for their salary increase, fight for the things that they ask you to do for them, and watch the productivity of the company. Watch it. It'll be amazing. So thank you, Mark, for those questions. I hope this has been helpful to people.
Do you have anything else that you want to share that I probably haven’t asked you about being a true leader?
Well, Mark, I want to emphasize that to be a true leader and leading people in an organization. Again, it's about your own confidence. It's about you thinking of three things.
  • Loving people 
  • ​Treating those people like you would like to be treated if you were in their place.
  • ​Applauding their success - wanting them to win, wanting them to get that promotion, wanting them to move to the next level, wanting them to be successful for their family. 
And so I think the thing that we need to all stop and pause is - just love the people (just love the people.) The people are hard to love, love them anyway, they'll come around. But those are the parting words, Mark. 

I would like to give you my main thing - And my wife always reminds me is love wins. If you just love people - I had someone who was very honorous toward me because of my success. And what it boiled down to is they were jealous of my success, and I just kept loving them and loving them and loving them. And you know what? That person is a very close friend now because I just love them anyway. And at some point they apologized and said, I'm so sorry that I had such a bad attitude and this and that. And I said, Hey, you don't have to feel sorry about it. I didn't even realize it. 

So you just pass it on and love people anyway. And as a leader in the company, if you will love the people and encourage the people. See, people need encouragement today. And if you will just encourage the people, you watch the productivity of your team Skyrocket. So thanks for having me today, Mark. It's great to be on this podcast with you as always, you do such an awesome job, and I appreciate you letting me share my comments.
That about does it for today and again Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your thoughts, values, and expertise on this topic with us, and of course a massive thank you to all of our listeners today!

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Have a great day everybody. Take care!
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