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Fear of Failure - Entrepreneur Success Stories with Joseph Land Episode #5
Joseph Land, Tara Vining, Podcast
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 Introduction :
“What if failure is the best thing that could happen to you? What if getting it wrong was the only way you could learn how to get it right…because it taught you a lesson you needed to learn…”

Your best teachers are going to be your disappointments and your failures in your life.

If you want to get the proper mindset to succeed in your business, manage your fear of failure and turn it into confidence, and successfully overcome your limiting beliefs/fear then tune in now!
Hello everyone It's a beautiful Wednesday morning, today is the 10th of June, and hope y'all are having a great time right now.

Hey, my name is Mark, and welcome to the podcast! and today I’m interviewing the business sage - Joseph Land about the Fear of Failure.

Joseph Land is a well-known elite entrepreneur and has graciously agreed to this interview to share extensive knowledge and experience to help us avoid the most damaging mistakes in this area, so every Entrepreneur can understand How To Overcome the Fear of Failing.

Welcome Joseph, and thank you for joining us today
 Joseph Land:
Thank you, Mark. It's a pleasure to be on this podcast with you today, and I want to thank you for all that you do to make these podcasts a great source for other entrepreneurs to build their dreams. So thanks for having me today.
You're most welcome, Joseph. It is actually my pleasure to get the chance to interview you right on this podcast. I know a lot of people who are listening to you right now and they couldn't wait to hear another wisdom from you out on this topic.

So without further a due, let's jump right in!

A lot of research and case studies have been made on this and a lot of people can actually relate to this as probably one of the most challenging issues or fears they ever get to face but let me ask you...
how do you uncover the root cause of this fear and why it trips so many entrepreneurs up?
 Joseph Land:
Well, thank you, Mark. And one of the things that I want people to know is that entrepreneurs are human beings. And like all of us, when you're trying to build a business, you know, you're going to have fears. 

And I remember a quote that Mark Twain said in one of his books he says:
 I've been through some terrible things in my life. 
Some of which actually happened. So, it just goes to show you that we think about what could happen and we worry and, we fret and all these things and they never happened. 

And, so what we need to do is we just need to go for our dream and not worry about what might happen. Or what somebody says might happen.
We just need to go for our dream. I remember talking about fear, and fear is something false evidence appearing real. 

And so, once you do what it is you're supposed to do. That fear goes away. And then here's an example of it. I was running as an 18-year-old young man. I was running for president of my student body and, I was frightened, frightened to have to make a speech, to talk about how I was going to be a great president of the student body.
And I was really, frighten over this. And my sister looked at me and she says: you've grown up with these people all your life. Why are you afraid to get up there and tell them what you think? And she helped me with my speech and I got up there and did it. And after that, I never had a fear of speaking to anybody again.
That was a great lesson to me of just doing it anyway, you know, getting out there and doing it anyway. And, I think it's just so important that as an entrepreneur, that you don't let things like that keep you from your destiny you just do it anyway, and that fear goes away. 

I'm just really, excited to talk about this subject today with you Mark because I know, fear is a contributing factor that keeps people from accomplishing their dreams.
And I just want you to know that if you just do it anyway if you just have a personal discipline and you just do it anyway, it's amazing, what might happen in your life when you go for your dream.
I totally agree with you Joseph - I loved your answers and it's a great story, too - very inspiring!

Also, what's glaring for me is when you mentioned that fear is a contributing factor that keeps people from accomplishing their dreams. Such an eye-opener for me and to our listeners right now. And also you mentioned personal discipline - you're a man of discipline - I know that because been watching your ASK Joseph Land series and I believe that you have discussed that a couple of times in your previous episodes. 

Am such a huge fan of that series. And you're absolutely right - we should go for our dreams and not worry about what might happen.
Fears are nothing more than a state of mind - Napoleon Hill
 Joseph Land:
I think Mark, I want to add to this that probably one of the root causes is what people think. What somebody says or, you know, what you think somebody might be thinking about you - going for your dream causes you to be fearful.

And so don't think about those things. Those people aren't thinking about you anyway, they're thinking about themselves. And so, fear is something that prepares you for greatness.
Like me, I wasn't public speaking - now I can speak to the president of the United States or I can speak to a factory worker. It doesn't matter. You know, I have the confidence and I know that I'm gifted in that area. I can talk to people about what it is I want to say. And so, overcoming that fear is a huge victory. And we're going to talk about that as we go through this podcast. 
That's right! We still have a lot more to uncover and talk about this topic. But I want to highlight this, and for me, this is such a profound statement. you said... "fear is something that prepares you for greatness" - that's a profound statement right there from Joseph Land and this interview is just getting more interesting, but before we move on, we will have a short break and we still have some questions left that we'll get to hear answers from Joseph. 

So don't go away, we'll be right back...
Hey welcome back everyone, by the way, thank you for listening to us right now, and for those of you who just tuned in, we're actually having an interview with the business sage, the expert, and great business mentor - Mr. Joseph Land -and again thank you for time for this interview, we really appreciate it. 

We're talking about an interesting topic where a lot of people are having challenges dealing with their fears of failure. Now, going back, our next question is a good one:
What failing REALLY is, and why it is GOOD to fail your way to success?
 Joseph Land:
Well, thank you, Mark. And you know, one of the things I want our listeners to know is that failure is never final - failure is the teacher that we have in business. And I've had a few failures in my life that have really taught me some hard lessons and ones I've never repeated.

And so I think, one of the things that I want to share with our listeners today is. You know, when I was about 33 years old, I was building my transportation company and we were doing about $55 million in revenue. And man, I was so full of myself. I thought I could conquer the world and you know, nothing could keep me from fighting from my business. Now take that attitude. And let me take you back to when I started my business. 

Travel trailer, the campground, I was so broke, I couldn't pay attention. I was fearful to call customers. I was fearful to call trucks and things of that nature. And I would take my little bag lunch to work every day and a little tiny truck stop office.
And I was just frightened. And the more I did it, the more that fear went away. And so just think about that. I mean...
And the more I did, and more I operated within my personal discipline daily of doing what it is I had to do to be successful the more that fear went away and it became just second nature of doing it. 

Now, translate that into where I'm, where I'm going with this now about how is it good to fail your way to success?

At 33 years old, I'm running a $55 million company and I just think I can't lose it. Anything. I'm probably a little bit overconfident and God needs to teach me a lesson. And certainly, the lesson was on the horizon and I had no idea it was coming. But someone presented me with an intermodal idea where I put, refrigerated trailers on a flatbed train car and deliver them to the Northeast. 

And then take my trucks and take them off and deliver them all over the East coast. And on paper, looking at this, we probably made a billion dollars or we thought we were going to make a billion dollars, but in actuality, this was a concept that almost put me out of business, because I didn't dot all my I's and cross all my T's. And talking about fear Oh, my goodness. 

When I realized that I had a loser and that it was eating my cash up daily, we were losing about $65,000 a month in free cash flow. Here you have one hand - my transportation refrigerated transportation company kicking butt and taking names doing very well. And on the other side, we got this other division that's a loser. This sucking out all the cash that the refrigerated division can make plus I see my whole life go before me. 

And I'm talking about fear. I'm thinking, I'm fearful and I'm going to lose my company. I'm fearing. And I'm going to let all these people down including my family that has cast their lot with me, that believed in me that followed my dream of success.
And man, was that a great teacher for me? And you know, the old saying is you, work like it all depends on you and you pray like it all depends on God. And man, I was on my knees a lot, trying to figure my way out of this. And lo and behold, God gave me a man who helped me get out of it. A mentor, if you will.

And I got out of it. And over three years selling those trailers that I didn't need anyway I was able to recruit all of that money residually three to five years later. And man, that was a hard lesson of my life. But see, I was so overcomplicated that I decided I was going to get in the business.

And then I didn't know that the people I was competing with had deeper pockets than me. I didn't realize that they were going to try to put me out of business because they had seen the success of me and my company. And they were going to do what they had to do to get me out of it, out of their realm of the industry.

And they did, buddy. They put me out in a hurry. And I realized right away, I had a big loser and see that's the key. That's the key, when you're experiencing a failure in your life, realize it right away, announced it right away. Hey, this is not good. I'm going to get out of this. I'm going to stop this right now so that I can get back on track and have a profitable company and do what it is I've been called to do.
And a lot of times you hear me talk about this. A lot of times we have these rabbits that run across the trail and we chase them instead of doing what it is we've called to do. And in this case with me what it is I was called to do is to build a refrigerated transportation company and not a train company, not an intermodal.

And that was the hardest lesson of my life. But when, when you're dealing with those kinds of numbers and you're watching your whole life pass before you on a daily basis, and you're wondering, man, can I survive this? And the only thing you know, how to do is fight, get up every day - create that personal discipline and fight every day. And at the end of the day, take a deep breath and say, well, I made it through another day and this is going to go away and you keep fighting, keep fighting. And then finally it goes away. 

But this is the greatest lesson of my business life:
  • to know that I'm not invincible
  • to know that I need to check things out and do the due diligence thoroughly before I get involved in something.
  • the blessing was to know that I can find and survive that tough times can come against me.
And I can survive and see. I heard someone say this one time, and I want to share this with you:
 Tough times, never last but tough people do. 
And you know, if you're willing to bow and give up in adversity, then you're never going to be the success you want to be, but when adversity comes and you're willing to stand and look in the face and fight for what it is you believe in. Fight for your family - to fight for those who joined your team, who believe in your vision and your dream, then you're gonna win.

You're gonna win. And you're going to learn lessons from going through tough times and difficulties that you would not have learned otherwise. And so, I'm thankful for those lessons. 

I remember having a party at my house. Now, let me frame this for you. I went to school, I played sports in college, and so forth and I didn't make all A's, but I got good grades. And I got through and a friend of mine became a cancer doctor and he was making a lot of money and so we did fairly well ourselves. 

And so I bought a 14,000 square foot mansion in my city at really a reasonable price and completely redid it. And I'll never forget this guy coming to my house for a party and seeing this home and he made a statement to one of our friends. 

He said this: Joseph never studied that much in school. Gosh, look at the success he has. And my friend looked at him and said, well, maybe he didn't, maybe he didn't make all A's like you did. But he studied when he got out of school and here's the evidence of some of his success.

And I don't use that to pat myself on the back. I just use that to tell you that it doesn't matter where you come from. What matters is, what you're willing to do, to fight for your dream, and adversity is going to come. You're going to have fear of failure. You're going to have fear of a lot of things.

And if you just do it anyway, that fear goes away. And so listen, when things come at me now at this time of my life, I kind of just laugh them off. And I said, okay, you know, was this another teacher from any? And so let's go, let's get it on. I'm going to be successful regardless. And I think that's the attitude that you need to have.
Sure it does! Tough times never last, tough people do. 

It's fascinating that you remained tenacious going after your dreams and you have proven it so many times that being tenacious and the will to survive can advance you from where you are to where you want to be. I mean, many of us get discouraged every time we fail and eventually we lose faith in ourselves. And thank you Joseph for reiterating that failure is never final, and that failure is a teacher! 

I'm sure a lot of our... listeners right now, learned a lot from your stories and it gave inspiration to never give up and follow your dreams! Get up every day, create that self-discipline and keep fighting every day! Fight and survive! It doesn't matter where you come from and again you're right! What matters is what you're willing to do to fight for it! 
Today’s interview is brought to you by JL Capital Group.
JL Capital Group offers funding for business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs with the capital needed to expand their businesses. 

If you desire funding for expansion, investment, equipment or to replace existing debt, JL Capital Group offers that solution. You can send an email to
 joseph land:
Well, Mark. I think the main thing that I learned as I talked about, in the last question was that...
It gave me the confidence to know that I was a winner. It gave me the confidence to know that it didn't matter what somebody else thought. It didn't matter what somebody else did. It only mattered what I did. And it taught me that adversity is a blessing. It makes you better. I see so many people today that run businesses that have become complacent and complacency will kill a business.

And I think complacency is worse than fear. I think complacency is driven by fear. And so I see people that reach a measure of success in their business, and then they become complacent. They don't continue to go for it. And all of a sudden they lose a key customer or they lose the key associate or something happens and all of a sudden they're scrambling. All of a sudden they're looking at it instead of going to get new customers and creating more revenue, they are looking at ways to cut people out of their business so they can survive. And survival mode is not for winners. Being aggressive and building your business and not being complacent is for winners.

And so I think, complacency is driven by fear - a fear of calling on a new customer, feel fear of building a larger operation, some of those things. And you just need to do it anyway. So, if you learn anything from this podcast, the one thing I want you to know is creating our personal discipline will take you a long way. 

Knowing what it is that you want to do on Monday morning when you sit down in your office, the start work, having a game plan, being prepared, knowing exactly what you want to do and who you're gonna call to get their business. Who are you going to call to thank for their business? What associates are you going to encourage and thank for the good job they're doing. What is your game plan? 

And if you have a personal discipline and you're after it, every day during the week, then you're going to be very successful and fear will not bother you.

The other part of this is as simple as simply this: you have to have some relaxation and some RNR time, you have to have some time where you recoup and recover. And so I use my weekends after Saturday afternoon and Sunday I use those. So my time with my family to recover and to prepare myself a new week and I encourage you to do that too.
So thank you Mark for that question.
That's wonderful, Joseph. I can see how you turned lessons in your life - which includes failure - into positive learning and be able to share that experience and knowledge, as a blessing to others. 

You're such a great person! That's why you're always blessed. Now, I want to give emphasis on this and I loved it- adversity is a blessing! it makes you better and complacency could kill a business. Complacency is driven by fear, how profound can it get? 

I don't mind staying for long hours in this interview, it gives me a paradigm shift from the way I used to see things especially when it comes to fear of failure but, unfortunately, we are gearing towards the end of our podcast show today, and it's been a very good interview.

I learned a lot from this and am sure our listeners did too. Joseph, your answers and wisdom on this topic gave us a new perspective and paved the way for us to have a better and clearer understanding of handling fear of failure and how can we effectively overcome it but, before we finally end the show, do you have any parting words or anything that you would like to say to our listeners?
 Joseph Land:
Thank you, Mark. Yeah. I'd like to say a few parting comments. Number one, I want to make sure I emphasize that complacency thing and that we just discussed in the last segment. 
I think some of that is rooted in fear and just know this, it doesn't matter. If you heard the saying:
 It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down. All that matters is you get up one more time than you were knocked down.
― Roy T. Bennett 
It's the same with failure. You're going to have failures. I expect to have failures in my life going forward. But failure is not final for me because I'm going to go through adversity and I'm going to turn that adversity into something good for my business. 

And, I heard somebody to someone say if the alligators are chopping around your feet, trying to consume you just think about this, make a purse out of one, make a pair of shoes out of one - have that attitude.

So it's a mindset, it's an attitude. I use that to say that when you go through adversity. 

When you're experiencing a failure, it's not final.
  • You're going to win.
  • You're going to get up from that.
  • You're going to learn from that.
  • ​You're going to go forward 
  • ​You're going to make some great things happen for you, your associates, your family and your business.
Great! Awesome! Thank you very much! And Oh by the way, before I totally forget, Joseph could you tell us more about JL Capital Group? What it is and what it does?
 Joseph land:
Yes. Thank you, Mark. JL Capital - my wife and I run this company now and it's my personal investments than some of the things that we're involved in personally. And some of the things we like to do as you know, one of the things I like to do is mentor Entrepreneurs who are wanting to scale and grow their business and take their businesses to a whole new level. 
And I personally mentor eight entrepreneurs and very excited to tell, my listening audience here today that during the COVID the year that where everything was shut down, each one of these entrepreneurs' businesses increased in sales and profitability. I would say about a 30% increase across the board. 

And the reason being is because they were structured properly and they were positioned properly for when adversity came. They were able to fight through that adversity and make a win out of it. And so I'm just really proud of that. 
And I want to develop an online course where people who can't hire me personally to work with them can also get the knowledge and the information from an online course that we're developing called the DreamMaker Blueprint
But the other thing that JL capital does is to provide capital for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and scale their businesses. Number one, you have to have a great business going in the idea. Number two, you have to have good credit. And we'll need to look at some financial data and some of that, but we can help you secure unsecured capital. That means there's no collateral forest based on the integrity of your business and your signature and who you are as a person.

And also, one of the things that I know and why I'm passionate about this is one of the most difficult things that an entrepreneur has to do is, to get capital, to grow their business. And a lot of times, I like to say, and fund that if you go to a bank, you know, they will give you an umbrella when the sunshine, but they won't give you one when it's raining, that's when you really need it.

And so a lot of times you go to the bank and you need to borrow a hundred thousand dollars and they want you to sign personally, and they want you to give your firstborn as collateral, and in today's world, it's just really tough, for an entrepreneur to get the kind of capital they need to be successful, to fulfill what it is they're trying to do with their vision, a dream for their company.

And so we're able to provide a lot of that funding and help people along the way. And then the whole other piece of that is mentoring. You know, having someone that can tell you, what it is you need to do and advise you, with your business who has been in the arena and has fought. And men successful is a great asset to have when you're building a company.

So those are some of the things that a JL capital group does. And my wife and I are very excited about that. And, Mark, thank you for all that you do for JL Capital Group and all that you do, with helping people realize what our brand is across the globe. So we're excited about JL capital going forward.

There are a lot of things that we're involved in. We see a lot of opportunities coming when you see a lot of people saying, Oh, woe is me and no things don't look good, anything calms me. That's the time when people like me make a lot of money because when the fish are all swimming in one direction, I'm sitting wondering why, and I'm looking at a new direction to go, because I know there is a great profit to be made when people are crying, what worries me?

So I know that our listeners are hearing some of this stuff and it might be fresh on their ears today. But think about it, you know, new ideas of the morning, when times are difficult in society. And, remember what Henry Ford said. If you're building a dream or a business, I want you to remember what Henry Ford said:
 If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. - Henry Ford 
Back then people were riding horses and buggies, but no, he had an idea to build a model T. And what happened from that? His idea of his vision created a huge multi-billion multi-national cup dollar company that creates some of the best cars in the world. 

And so if you have that dream in your heart, you could be the next Henry Ford too. Don't let fear even be a thought, just do it anyway. And that fear goes away. 

So thanks for having me today Mark, been a pleasure sharing with our audience and God bless you all. And thanks again.
So again, thank you Joseph for sharing with us… and thank YOU to all the Entrepreneurs in our audience for joining us for this amazing presentation on How To Overcome Fear of Failure and how to reframe it and be confident.

So again, I’m Mark, and thanks for joining us on the Entrepreneur Success Stories with Joseph Land.

I’d like to invite you to check out JL Capital Group at plus his mentoring program thru his Inner Circle Mentoring program. 

Lastly, you can download and listen to Joseph Land's podcast in Spotify, Anchor, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, and Google Podcast

That's all the time we have for you today, take care everyone, and catch you guys on our next episode

Have a great day!
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