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Joseph Land, Tara Vining, Podcast
 GUEST: Tara Vining - Owner & CEO of TeleVine Therapy
Transcript – Joseph Land Speaks – Episode #4
 Joseph Land:
Hello, everybody, this is Joseph Land, and welcome to my podcasts today. And my guest today is going to bless you. She is an amazing Rockstar entrepreneur and you are going to love what she has to say. So, guys, I want to welcome Tara Helwig Vining owner of Televine therapy. She has operations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. She is a very highly successful entrepreneur. Not only that, she's a sharp businesswoman, and she pays attention to the important things in life and details and I can't wait for her to start sharing with us. So Tara, welcome to the call.
 Tara vining:
Thanks, Joseph, so much for having me today on your podcast. I'm so honored to be here.
 Joseph Land:
Well, thank you, Tara. And I want people to know you like I know you. Why don't you start off by just telling people a little bit about yourself and your story?
 Tara vining:
Sure! My name is Tara Vining. I am 32 years old, a Speech-language Pathologist, and an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist. And I've been doing this currently for about 10 and a half years. And I grew up in Catawissa, Pennsylvania, a little town a little bit below Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

And we now have a Televine Therapy that was born almost seven years ago now. We have outpatient clinics in Ohio, and also in Danville, Pennsylvania, and New Philadelphia, Ohio, which is currently new Philadelphia, Ohio is where I reside with my husband and our two cats. And I've been happily married for three years and been with him for 10 years. 

We also service schools in Televine therapy. And we also service residential facilities and service birth to the end of life with speech-language therapy, oral-facial myofunctional therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. 

And we also do virtual therapy and we go in homes and do virtual schools. When I'm not working. I do like books or listening to the audio on personal art. 

I like to hang out with my friends talk on the phone, and just really spend time and make memories with others is really important to me,
 Joseph Land:
Tara, that's great. And, guys, I want you to hear what she said 32 years old. She owns a business. I've been working with Tara for about a year. And it's amazing what I've seen her do and her business. And, Tara, how did you get started with Televine therapy? What led you to do this? I know there are people out there all across the world who are going to be listening to this podcast. And they're gonna say my goodness, this lady is so successful and 32 years old, maybe I should consider this wheel. So how did you get started?
 Tara vining:
So what happened was when I was in high school, I decided I thought I wanted to go for nursing. And I then was watching one of my friends give blood and I passed out and she didn't. So I decided to go to this health fair, I was already accepted into a college for Nursing at the time. 

But I wanted to go to this fair over the summer before I started college at Misericordia University. And my mom was with me. And she thought I would definitely go to the nursing health fair (because that's what I was going to go into), and I decided to look at these other therapies, which were physical therapy was there, occupational therapy, speech-language. pathology was there and I decided to go for the speech one. 

And I learned what they told me is you'll always have a job. You can work in any setting pretty much you can work in your home, you can work in other's homes, you can work for the government, you can work in nursing homes, pretty much anywhere, schools - there are so many different settings, you can work outpatient clinics or hospitals. 

So because of that, there's such a need, and anybody from birth to the end of life, there was a lot of flexibility. And I also liked that they said even if you have a job, kind of like if you picked up serving shifts at a restaurant, you're on the weekends or something or during the nights, you could still do that too in the speech-language pathology field because there's always PRN shifts where you can pick up extra shifts and make extra money and also serve more people. So that was really great. 

And I heard that the field was never enough speech-language pathologists, so people are calling you left and right trying to give you a job. When I heard that, I knew after I got out at least I would have a job. And the minute I graduated college, I was having my phone after I graduated with my bachelor's and master's in four and a half years it usually takes six years. I decided to go to the summer and a lot of extra credits. I decided also to travel after I got out of school and I got to go to some amazing places because my phone was ringing off the hook once I graduated for two weeks straight. I mean eight o'clock in the morning till 930 at night people were calling me recruiters were calling. And I ended up going to live in Virginia for a while right on the water near Chincoteague Virginia. That's where the wild horses are. 

And then I got to spend a year working as a speech-language pathologist in Hawaii in a school there and also doing home health. So I did that a little bit in my 20s. And then I finally came back to Pennsylvania and then went with my husband to Ohio, and got a really good experience. What happened was, when I moved from Ohio - Pennsylvania, Ohio, I decided to take the maternity leave position with a contract company. 

And all the times that I was doing this (before I was just doing contract companies), and the one special education director looked at me and she said, You're amazing, we love you. But we don't like your contract company. And for me, it was fine. It didn't affect me, because I would just jump companies to be in the location I wanted. It wasn't that I was partial to a company. I was partial to where I wanted to be. So I had a lot of choices, you have a lot of choices with my career. 

And because of that, she looked at me and she goes, Tara, if you start your own company and your own business, I'll hire you every year. And she did the one online, decided to get my LLC -  got it. I also went to my local SBDC where they will help you to start your business. And I went and talked to them. And I did it and then I got a contract for the school and we started our extended school year services, and then also did some summers with them in some other schools. 

I would work full time and grow my business for about three years and I decided to still work, do some nursing home PRN work, and build this. And then finally, this past year I decided in April to stop doing PRN work in 2020 and just really focused on Televine therapy. And we've grown tremendously. 

Before it was just mainly me and a couple of other employees and maybe one speech-language pathologist because now we have occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists in two states orofacial myofunctional, therapists, speech-language pathologist, and we even have therapists that have their license, Massachusetts and West Virginia and also obviously Ohio and Pennsylvania. So we've really grown a lot in this time and really excelled it in the last since the end of probably 2017 is when we've grown the most now.
 Joseph Land:
I am so impressed with what you're doing. I'm just so honored to mentor you and to be a part of your life. But you know, this works both ways. I've learned a lot from you as well. And you have favor in your life, it shows -  you and Andrew walking in favor. You've had huge growth in your business. And I know this is hard to talk about when you talk about yourself. But I've seen you get many awards this year. And last year, from different organizations recognizing your success. I've seen you get many new clients come to you. It's just such a blessing. Would you just talk to the audience a little bit about some of the awards you've earned over the past couple of years?
 Tara vining:
, Sure, yeah, I've been awarded the top speech-language pathologists in Ohio twice 2018 - 2020. I've also been recognized as one of the top speech-language pathologists, and worldwide leaders in health care twice already as well. 

I've been recognized this past year Televine therapy was recognized as the top business in 2020, according to Score, which is a company or a nonprofit company that assists businesses and you get a score mentor, and they have to nominate you and to be selected is selected by a board of people. 

So to get that recognition was quite substantial, especially going through COVID. And getting that award in 2020. It was just such an honor to have us as a medical company be given that award. I've got the top 100 influential healthcare influencers in the country award. 

I just recently got the top 10 CEOs award and we've got in 2019 we got the top best in patient health care award. And there are over like 12 awards that we have for the company and just being pretty much the top in what we do because we really you know all those awards, they are amazing, but really they're just going to show we Televine therapy really is all about giving what we feel should be given to others.

And we don't just say we're going to work. We say we're serving and literally everybody that works on our team. And we treat it like a team. It's more like a wheel. There's not a pyramid in our company, it is a wheel. And we all work together and honor what people say. And we communicate. And I feel because of that operation and how we structured it to be more team-like, and giving and serving others is why we felt the foundation today and show people how much we care because we really do. 

And it is really nice to receive all these awards. And I'm honored and beyond blessed to be getting those. But really, we see a lot in our clients. And we have some really amazing therapeutics treatments, we really get them to see results very quickly. And that's our motto is caring with real results, because that is what we do. 

We get results pretty quickly, or we try. I know that there are many, many patients stories that I could share, but it's just amazing how people will go and maybe see all these people. And then they come to Televine therapy and it's been multiple times where someone couldn't talk or what, maybe they had a stroke, or there was a young kid that they're three and can't talk. And then they weren't talking maybe four months, and then they come to televising therapy, and they're like, Oh my gosh, they're talking either if it's an adult, or a little one. 

And that just happened to me recently. I mean, we're just talking even in this week, I had someone who couldn't talk due to a stroke, and no one was getting them to talk. And I've only seen him for three sessions. And he's talking. So I mean, there are great, amazing things happening. And... long as we're doing the right thing for people, we feel great. We're getting rewarded for it too. But we just feel as long as we're putting our hearts where their hearts are. That's what matters most.
                                                               - Tara Vining
 Joseph Land:
That's exactly right. And so all of you young people out there who are wanting to become entrepreneurs, or aspiring to be entrepreneurs, listen to this 32-year-old woman's story. This is amazing. And it's all about being structured right in the business and position well in a business. 

And what I've seen Tara do over the COVID, lockdown, and everything is moved to an online model. And she experienced double-digit growth. I mean, it's just amazing. 

This lady's enthusiasm and attitude her "can do" attitude are contagious. And that's what you need to hear from her tonight. If you're listening to this, if you're listening to this podcast, listen to her attitude. Listen to her mindset, listen to her "can do" approach to everything that she's doing, because it's contagious. 

And this lady will bless everybody that she comes in contact with, because of all of that, Tara, before we go, is there anything else that you'd like to share with our audience? And also, I would like to give people your website, so they could go to your website and check you out?
 tara vining:
Sure, yeah, I just want to share about if you do want to start a business, I think it's really important that you look up SBDC, which is your local small business center that you have, it's close to every county in the United States. And contact them if you want to start a business, they'll help you out, they'll give you free tools. It's all paid for with taxes. So you should go to them. 

And also, I recommend doing personal development and having a mentor, obviously, Joe is my business mentor. And success follows success. So it's always good to have a business mentor like Joe, who you can make sure that your emblem like being where you want to be. If you want to go somewhere, it's better to follow someone who's already been there, and can help you along the way. And I just feel like that's really, really important. 

And in my time, I've had, I think five coaches, and I think every one of them gives me great aspects. And that's why I've grown but also doing personal development, I think is very, very important. If you want to be in business, you really have to grow yourself. And the best investment you can make, if you want to be in business is on yourself. 

So about Televine therapy, you can go to That's Televine therapy. So it's T E L E V I N E and then therapy is t h e r a p y .com. If you want to email us, it's just, and we would love to talk to you and we'd be honored to talk to you.
 Joseph Land:
Tara, thank you so much for joining me on this podcast. And guys. There you have it, a very successful 30 year old lady entrepreneur who is just absolutely tearing it up. And I'm going to make one prediction that you will have a global business marketing plan and this will be one of the biggest therapy businesses that you've ever seen in this industry. She is on it. She's doing all things right. And I'm so proud of you, Tara, and thank you for joining me on this podcast. 
 tara vining:
Thank you so much, Joe
 Joseph Land:
Thank you guys for joining us. We'll be seeing you in a couple of weeks here with another entrepreneur guests. But thanks for tuning in to hear Tara Vining's story and about her business. What a rockstar and all of you guys are wanting to own a business. Just emulate her and aspire to be like her, and you will be fine. So God bless you guys. Thanks for joining us tonight and we'll talk to you soon.
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