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Joseph Land, Jim Pare’, Podcast
 GUEST: JIM Pare’ - CEO/co-founder of Veteran Bizops
Transcript – Joseph Land Speaks – Episode #2
 Joseph Land:
Hello, this is Joseph Land, and welcome to my podcast today. And I'm so excited to introduce you to one of my really long-time great friends. A gentleman named Jim Pare’. Jim is an amazing entrepreneur, he and I've done a lot of different things together. I'm so proud to call this man, my friend. He's been very successful in the real estate business. He's been very successful in operating companies. And I'm sure he's gonna shed some very good knowledge with you guys today, on how he's doing things. And he has an exciting, and a new business that I want to ask him about. So Jim, welcome to the podcast today and tell the audience a little bit about yourself.
Joe, thanks a bunch, man. It's good to see you. Again. It's good to reconnect and do everything. First and foremost, I am a father of four amazing kids and a granddaddy or a Poppa, of five granddaughters, believe it or not. 

You know, Joe - I've had kind of like a Horatio Alger story. When my dad was in the military, seven kids and we were poor. We were on food stamps and government cheese. And it was hard for sergeant's pay, you know, to take care of seven kids. 

So I got kicked out of my house when I was 16 and a half years old. I graduated early because I was a brilliant child. And I started school early. And then just kind of just had a propensity for business. I knew I couldn't be an employee. And over 61 right now and over my lifetime, I have been so blessed to have so many opportunities in so many venues. Either starting my own business, I owned a construction company, electrical contracting business. I was one of the top 10% in indirect sales for a while. I had been CEO of several companies, I've taken companies public, just a very exciting, exhaustive, amazing, entrepreneurial ride. 

And you know, you were saying that for this podcast, those people that are listening, that are wondering, you know, is entrepreneurship for me? Or not? Number one, you got the best coach on the planet. When you look at Joe's history and what he's done - it just the only word I can really, that comes to mind Joe is just respect. 
 Joseph Land:
Thank you!
And the thing is that you have and we both know it really takes tenacity and patience to really come to fruition and make everything work because everything doesn't work out. We both, I'll speak for myself I haven't had all home runs.
 Joseph Land:
Yes, that's right. 
We're bad!
 Joseph Land:
That's right, me either. That's right.
I love the quote that... never lose, you either learn or win. 
In my lifetime, I've been really blessed to have - God's given me a very good ability to think positive and think that there's no, I don't have a downer attitude. Like, there's always a way - there's always.
 Joseph Land:
And I think is - you know, and you taught me a lot during the beginning as you go with your unique abilities and gifts. And you stay in that zone. You know, I'm a creator, I'm a business. I'm kind of a business artist, I can see ideas, I can take them, I can make them come to fruition I can put them together. 

But there are a lot of things that I lack and some of those things that I lack I just stay away from or hire. Because - time to the learning curve or the time to do anything in that arena. I just stay in my zone. And what you've taught me the most Joe, in my lifetime is just...
...stick with it. Don't stop!
 Joseph Land:
That's right.
The plan is sick. I mean, you know, I'm saying I look at my work ethic and your work ethic. I feel like a sloth, but...
 Joseph Land:
Not at all!
Jim, you know, I'll never forget the first time I heard about you and I saw what you had created with a system. And then the first time I met you, I said oh my goodness, this guy's got the best people skills of anybody I've ever talked to or anybody I've ever seen. 

I saw you give a talk in front of the room and I was totally mesmerized by you. And I'll tell you, people skills are very important in business, but the systems that you create are very important as well. And I've seen you create some amazing systems. And I'll tell you, we've known each other over 25 years, and I've seen you have tremendous success. And you're right, Jim, I mean I've learned also from my failures. That's the teachers in life. 

And so anybody who's ever been in business as an entrepreneur or are starting a business, you're just got to know you're going to have a few failures along the way. And they're always going to be your best teachers. And you will learn from that experience, and you will grow and create something bigger. 

Jim, when I talked to you recently, and you started telling me about the vision that you are currently operating and the new company you have. I was, again, totally mesmerized. I want you to tell our audience today about your new venture called Veterans BizOps.
Alright, glad to.
I just want to make a real quick note is that - people person is just someone who loves people who put people first. One of the things we talked about a lot in our relationship is servant leadership. And most people don't get it because they're always in the back of their mind -  they're thinking - What am I going to get out of this? What's in it for me? 

And I've had to really learn to find out what part of the program is for me. Because when you love people, and you love people like God loves people, and you think everybody has a chance. It's easy to do that. 

About a year and a half ago or two years ago, Joe, I helped take another company public. And buddy, I was just -  I was tired of the noise. I was just tired of the people that were involved. I was tired of the greed. I was. It was a good experience financially, but a bad experience relationship-wise. And I said you know what, I just turned 60. And I'm going to do something. I'm going to donate my time. 

There's a book called from success to significance. It's called Halftime. And it talks about when you get to a certain age in your life, success is important, but the significance is more important. And I just knelt down one day and I prayed. I said, Lord, what do you want me to do now? Is it may be, I maybe have a jetski place in the Bahamas that I could just sit and sit there and run them out? How do I give back and what I came up with is I wanted to donate my time and my energy to veterans. 

And so I spent a year and a half just looking at all the veteran's programs and everything that was out there because I'm a dependent. My father was in the service as a lifer. He's buried in Arlington Cemetery, my sister, retired lieutenant colonel, my brother, a retired lieutenant colonel from the Air Force. I wanted to go to the Air Force but I was colorblind, I couldn't be a pilot, so nothing else interested me. 

So what I did is I started researching and you know, you and I digging into any kind of system and you're brilliant at this. You see the flaws, not that it's good or bad. You just see this is not doing what it's supposed to do. And more praying and more due diligence and just more, you know, just being open to what God had for me. I was like, Lord, what can I do differently. 

And I created a concept called Veteran BizOps, and it's a disruptive, entrepreneur-based nonprofit. We don't beg for money. I tell people all the time, this ain't your daddy's nonprofit, you know, because there is a lot of disabled veterans out there that that really need help. But there is an abundance of help for them. Wounded Warriors, veteran programs. But there's a forgotten majority that's about 90% of the veterans, men and women come out with no service-related disabilities. 

They're just ready to go. And Joe, there's nothing for them. There's really nothing for them that connects them to either a good job or a good business opportunity. So what we did with Veteran BizOps - we flipped the script, and said, You know what, we're gonna go to businesses, and you and I have a big and some of the millennials won't understand this, but a big Rolodex. 

We know a lot of people. So I went and just really tapped some people that I worked with. And we made a lot of money together and said, Listen, we're going to help businesses, but we're going to be disruptive. We're going to be a business-oriented nonprofit. And we're going to go to businesses and say, do you need the best employees? Or if you're a business owner, and you are expanding your franchisor, a realtor or you know, insurance or construction subcontractors. Do you need a business partner? And we got a program that we're taking veterans and taking them through a boot camp, and advanced training, and then we deploy them to the businesses that are supporting us. 

Now, what we do is veterans come out and they're ready to go. Everybody wants a veteran to work for him. But let's be honest, there's some trepidation a little bit with veterans, sometimes companies don't know where they're at emotionally, physically and when you look at the forgotten majority that we're working with, they're fine. And but sometimes they don't have Microsoft skills or Google skills. They don't know how to communicate in a corporate environment. They might not know how to open a zip drive - they might not know how to do an SEO or go on Tiktok or YouTube and create a branding for themselves. Some of them come out with bad credit. 

So our program, what we do, we cherry-pick, we take the best of the best veterans, and we just supercharge them. And then they have an opportunity to choose within our structure, every business that has donated to us, they are a candidate to get our veterans either as an employee or a business owner.
 Joseph Land:
Jim, this is brilliant. And I'll tell you when I heard you explain this to me for the first time, it really touched my heart and you're really doing something you're making an impact. And goodness knows these people who've served our country deserve to have the best chance. And you're putting it together your vision is amazing. And when you explain this to me for the first time, I said I'm all in. And so JL Capital we're all in -  will do anything to help with this cause and what you're doing, how can other people and other businesses become involved with Veteran BizOps?
Well, Joe, it's really simple. If you're a business owner out there, and you're looking for employees -  and what's hard today is everybody thinks because the the the employee pool is large, that is easier. It's really not. We have friends of ours that we both know that is looking for employees, but instead of going through six applications, they go through 70. And it really gets muddled. So if you're looking for an employee - a veteran employee that is in the forgotten majority, that is we take them through an extensive assessment. And if they need help, emotionally or physically, we send them to the veteran's programs. But if they don't we just cram them for a class, and they come out...

Go to our site, which is and there's a form to fill out. If you fill out that form. I'll get back to you personally. What we do, Joe is we take a very small annual donation, it's so small, it's smaller than employee acquisition, customer acquisition cost, it's smaller than a headhunter fee, than a staffing service. And that donation, what that does is it gives you the opportunity to have unlimited access to all our veterans coming out for unlimited employees or unlimited expansion. 

Now tell you that they have to choose you too. So you got to be on top of your game as a business owner. But, Joe, we've been active for a while now. And we've got some amazing sponsors. And you know, it's taken off. And one other thing I want to say before I end this show, I appreciate your help, and your donation, and your ability to come in as a mentor, and also as a financial counsel to some of these men and women. Because you're the best of the best at it. So that's what they do. Just go to and then scroll all the way down and there's a form down there - just your name, your company, your information, it comes directly to me, and we'll have a chat. And then we'll go from there.
 Joseph Land:
Well, Jim, thank you. This is brilliant. And, guys, if you're listening to this on this podcast, here's how you can get involved go to B I Z O P S dot com, and get involved. And Jim will get back to you fill out that application. And he'll get back to you. Jim, any further thing that you want to tell the audience before we conclude this podcast, I am really moved by your vision. And I'm so excited about this. And if this is any indication of what you've done in the past, this is going to be humongous.
We can see that. Well, one of the things - just for fun, we've got a program, we've got a challenge out there we want it to go viral Joe its called "Drop and Give Me 20" and just for fun. We know a lot of guys are at the athletic and most of the veterans are just, you know, they're studs in men and women fit. So what we do is we have a program called drop and give me 20 - where you basically the three things:
  • give me 20 push-ups, any style
  • donate a minimum of $20
  • challenge 20 people in your influencer list to drop and give me 20. 
Those $20 donations build a foundation that we can send more and more veterans through our program to get them placed in the right place.
 Joseph Land:
Man, that is exciting. What a cool concept "Drop and Give Me 20". 

I'm In! I'm gonna give you 20 I'm gonna do 20 push-ups - if it kills me, but we're all good! What a beautiful concept. And guys if you're listening - you need to be involved in dropping give me 20 too. 

Well,  Jim Pare’ thank you so much for joining me today on this podcast. I know our viewers are going to be so excited to hear you and about your success and all you're doing and this new vision with Veterans BizOps and I want to thank you today for joining me.
Thank you, Joe, for everything you've given to me in my lifetime. You've been an amazing mentor and a coach. And I've learned a lot from you and I absolutely treasure our friendship.
 Joseph Land:
Well, thank you very much, Jim and guys, if you're listening to this, join us next in two weeks for our next podcast. 

We'll have another entrepreneur like Jim Pare’ on that you can learn from. And Jim again, thank you for joining us and God bless you guys. 

And thank you for joining in today.
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