Joseph Land’s Net Worth?

From a Fan to Mr. Land, What is Your Net Worth?

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We received a letter from a gentleman asking a question to Joseph Land. He’s asking how successful Mr. Land is and what is his current net worth. I encourage you to read the whole article and you will be amazed at how it went.

Hello, my name is R. Woodward and I am writing for a specific answer about Mr. Joseph Land. Before I ask my question, I want you to know that I am totally impressed with him and actually cannot get enough of his style, charismatic appeal and his kind, humble manner.

I saw Mr. Land speak at a Business Forum with over 5,000 people in attendance three years ago. He absolutely had the whole audience mesmerized and it was as if everyone could not get enough of him.

He weaved his humble story in with his accomplishments and it was magical. He is such a high-class guy and at the same time never offends with his style, faith, or charismatic appeal.

I believe he has a message to people in the world during this time and everyone needs to be exposed to him. He is the REAL DEAL.

I have tried to reach him personally but have not gotten a response. He has been very hard to reach and there has not been much information about him other than what you can read on Social Media or other business publications.

I know he has built two large companies: one over $200 million and the other over $140 million. From my research, I also hear from those close to him that he is building another company that will be larger than the first two combined.

Knowing all of this and having seen the anointing on this man I believe he is destined for greatness.

Now for my question, Can you tell me what Joseph Land’s personal net worth is currently? 

I have learned that Mr. Land had a net worth of around $150 million in the late 1990s. Price Waterhouse and others were touting his financial empire.

My research showed that he owned 48 Real Estate Partnerships in Florida along with other commercial real estates over the SouthEast.

He is so intriguing and you can find little about him personally. I am sure
he holds assets and cash in offshore entities and other corporate entities that are devoid of his name, but somehow, one knows he is involved… he is there.

Mr. Land is so intriguing and at the same time aloof. If you meet him you love him and then he is gone.

He reminds me of the movie character, Bruce Wayne, a/k/a Batman. I think I have a crush on Mr. Land, lol. He is my hero.

You probably will not respond but I would appreciate a response/answer and I will be glad to sign an NDA; he has to be close to a Billionaire today!
Thank you,
R. Woodward

Your Answer:

Thank you Mr. Woodward for your kind remarks about Mr. Land and your
interest in him and his companies/investments. If you know him, you already know your answer. When I approached Mr. Land with your request; he laughed and said:
I am flattered that this gentleman enjoys my accomplishments, but I own nothing. I am worth nothing and when I die, I will carry nothing with me to meet my Creator. 
GOD owns everything and gives to whom HE can trust to be a good steward with HIS resources. However, while I am still alive, I will do my best to use my talents and resources for the betterment of mankind.”
I will do my best to use my talents and resources for 
the betterment of mankind.