- Unlock Proven Steps That Will Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
Elevate Every Aspect Of Your Life And Career To Highest Level.
What's Inside The Book!?
  •  Lesson #1: “Throw Caution to the Wind and Dream Big!”      Dream makers know that tomorrow’s success is built on today’s dreams.(Page 7)
  •  Lesson #2: “Draw a Map from Where You Are to Your Dream” Dream makers know that reaching their dream requires a map. (Page 23)
  •  Lesson #3: “Don’t Tiptoe into the Future – Leap into It!”       Dream makers see an exciting and compelling future and commit all their resources to its realization.(Page 39)
  • Lesson #4: “Pursue Your Dream with Passion” Dream makers see the future, and it fuels their emotional fires.(Page 55)
  •  Lesson #5: “When the Tide is High – Set Sail!” Dream makers recognize strategic opportunities and seize them.(Page 69)
  • ​​Lesson #6: “Give Away Love” Dream makers know that love is the glue that holds life together.(Page 84)
  • Lesson #7: “Perseverance Leads to Success” Dream makers know their vision for the future will only become reality through persistence.(Page 101)
  • Lesson #8: “Master the Art of Mentoring” Dream makers learn from the success of others and then pass the lessons along.  (Page 115)
  • Lesson #9: “Give People Security and Significance” Dream makers take the blame for mistakes and give away the credit for success.(Page 131)
  •  Lesson #10: “Awaken the Dream in Others” Dream makers build momentum by awakening the dream in others.(Page 145)
Here's What People Are Saying
"This book was a wonderful read. It held many tips and tricks to help you get to your dream. I recommend to all who want something they feel is out of reach for them. "
-  Monica Laurette
"I highly recommend this book for anyone who has a dream that is bigger than they are who needs to know what it takes to turn that dream into a reality. A dream is a gift from God and is actually a sacred trust. God gives us dreams to help accomplish His purposes in and for us and other people. I also recommend this book for anyone who has lost hope and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Joseph Land also wrote this book to incite those people to dream again and to believe that they have a purpose and a destiny that can be accomplished by doing the ten proven steps described in the book.  "
-  Gwen Mansini
"I Awesome book! A must read. "
-  Bruno