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How To Stay Focused 
and Win Your Day
How To Stay Focused and Win Your Day
So as I'm sitting in the boardroom in our office, 
and we just had a meeting. 
I'm seeing people that are distracted in life.
And to be an entrepreneur, you gotta have focus. And so what I want to encourage you to do is don't let other people distract you and from your life purpose.
If God calls you to do something, then you need to stay focused on that. And don't let others take your attention away from what you've been called to do.
The other thing is to avoid overscheduling to please others. I never over-schedule myself to make somebody feel good. If I can work it in my schedule with my family and my business and all the duties that I have. 
I'm going to plan that social time with my family and friends. 
I'm not going to feel obligated to have relationships that demotivate me or de-edify my dream. And you shouldn't either!
If I have people that are constantly negative and always wanting to say, why don't I do something, why not do that? And they have no idea what I'm doing, to me, that's a distraction, and I block that right out of my system. And I encourage you to do the same thing.
I'm not being rude when I do that.
I'm just being focused!
And so what I encourage you to do is prioritize: 
  • prioritize yourself, 
  • ​prioritize your work schedule,
  • ​prioritize your family time,
  • ​prioritize your social time,
  • ​and be organized!
Work that plan every day and stay focused.
Focused is the key!
                                                                          - Joseph Land
When I walk in every day to 
get started in my office


I got a plan


I'm focused


I got an outline


I'm ready to go
And I'm not gonna be distracted by outside forces that want to take me away from being focused on achieving my dream and my vision for my life, for my family and for my business.
I hope that's helpful to you today.
Don't let the distractions take away from your vision and your focus and steal your dream!
The secret of every success is total focus. 
Be ruthless with distractions.
                                                                                                    - Joseph Land
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