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From Nowhere to Forbes Richest - Inspiring Story of Jan Koum
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I love the story of the founder of WhatsApp. It shows that anything is possible for those who are willing to dream and put in the effort towards the accomplishment of their dream.
Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp, was born in a small village near Kiev in Ukraine. Coming from poverty, Koum's family emigrated to California, and Koum started learning about computers in his spare time. By the time he was 18, he had developed impressive skills, and in 1997, he was hired by Yahoo! as an infrastructure engineer.

He spent a decade in that industry before realizing the huge potential of the app industry in 2009 and starting WhatsApp Inc. By 2014, WhatsApp had become enormously popular. Facebook bought the app for a staggering $19 billion.

In 2014, he entered the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans at no 62, with an estimated net worth of $7.5 billion, the highest-ranked newcomer to the list that year. As of August 2020, his net worth was estimated at $10.0 billion.
Every hardship Jan faced, made him stronger and resilient that made him adapt to ever-changing situations. He faced rejections, started with low resources, his app flopped on its first launch - but whatever the circumstances were - he stayed focus and determined.
     I want to do one thing - and do it well.
                                                                          - Jan Koum
That DREAM fuels him to go miles on his way. Now Whatsapp is used daily by millions of people - that once a certain time he didn't knew that it will be a hit or a miss. What he did for sure was to work on himself - that drives his passion.

     Be simple and reliable .
    - Jan Koum
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