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Destination Disease is common and contagious... Be careful not to catch it!
How To Stay Focused and Win Your Day
Destination Disease: I read this today and it challenged me and sparked a new fervor and DREAM inside of me. I hope you enjoy this too.
What is 'Destination Disease'? - the belief that if we just arrive somewhere (e.g. attain a position, accomplish a goal, have a relationship with the right person), we will be successful.
Get free from destination disease. You’ve reached a certain level. Now you’re coasting, but you weren’t created to stay there. Break out of the box and learn something new."
– Joel Osteen
This disease which disguises itself as the ever tantalizing “bigger, better, and faster” trap, is a tragic way to live. Why? Because bigger, better, and faster are constantly moving.

Studies tell us that the average person only uses 11% of their brain. Think about how much more potential we all could be tapping into.

Maybe you’re an accountant. That’s good, but don’t settle there. Why don’t you go get your CPA license? There’s a new skill you can develop. That gift will make more room for you. Maybe you’re an electrician, a mechanic, a plumber. That’s great, but what steps are you taking to improve?

I believe in this day and age, if you are at the same skill level today as you were five years ago, you’re at a disadvantage.
Here are 3 ways to regain your focus:


One of the greatest reasons behind our failure to live in the moment is the absence of love.

Are you stuck working at a place you don’t enjoy?

Are you struggling with a relationship because you’re afraid to expose your vulnerabilities?

Whatever your situation, know that without love, your ride will always seem more or less meaningless. Find a reason to celebrate every moment by loving what you do, no matter how big or small.


Once you’ve identified what you love most in life, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the passion to keep at it until you reach your destination.
A lot of us tend to describe a fizzling romance as something that “lost its spark.”

If you truly love something, you find a way to light a fire and see those flames burn brighter every single day. Discover a world within a world and explore the full spectrum of your love, whether it’s for sports, your career, studies, or a relationship.


If you love what you do for a living, you don’t have to work a single day of your life.

Find an underlying purpose behind your personal and professional motives, and let it help you evolve as a human being, boss, partner, friend, and family member.

Life is only as great as you make it. Don’t drive your car in reverse when you can simply shift gears and drive forward.
Today, shake out of that “destination disease” and start sharpening your skills. Keep stretching, keep growing and keep moving forward into the life of blessing God has prepared for you!


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