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Child Like Faith!
I have a friend who has written a book where he encourages people to pray boldy. 
Recently, this friend was tested through this 7-year-old daughter. His daughter, while playing in the nearby woods, got a serious case of Poison Ivy. The doctor said that there would be several rough nights while the itching and healing took place.

That evening the 7-year-old child said, Dad, you have been telling people to pray boldly so I am going to pray that this Poison Ivy is gone by in the morning. The Dad said this is a bad case, it may take a little time, etc. However, the little girl’s faith did not waver.

The next morning at 5 AM the Dad and Mom heard a little voice in their bedroom saying, Tah Dah! 

What do you mean Tah Dah, honey? The little girl was standing there completely healed, not one blemish on her body. 

Amazing, O’ we of little faith!

We have not because we ask not…… What are you asking for in 2014? Do you have a plan?
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