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Joseph Land is the Founder and Chairman of JL Capital Group, LLC, a company whose core investments include Financial Services, Transportation, Real Estate, and other businesses. JL Capital Group also provides Funding and Liquidity for Investors and Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses. 

Mr. Land has a passion to help Entrepreneurs who are looking for the "edge" to scale their businesses. In addition, he mentors personally selected Entrepreneurs on a weekly basis to help them achieve their goals both personally and professionally. He has more than thirty years of experience as an Entrepreneur and has built two large companies from startup.

Mr. Land states; “As a kid, my dream was to play professional baseball. The Los Angeles Dodgers drafted me and I thought my dream would be fulfilled. However, a torn rotator cuff ended that dream and I knew I had to get another dream pretty quickly.

Beginning his career in transportation, Mr. Land formed the Joseph Land Group, Inc. He fondly recalls, ”I had a dream and no money …. over the ensuing 25 years we were fortunate to create a company which grew from a humble beginning to more than $179 million in annual sales”. 
The Joseph Land Group, at it’s peak, operated more than 1,500 trucks and employed 2,000 people in its twenty three offices across the North America. The company was listed by Price Waterhouse in 1989 as the eighth largest refrigerated transportation company in North America and the eighteenth largest company in South Carolina.

Joseph Land is recognized as an Elite Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Global Leader, Speaker, and Author. Mr. Land speaks around the world and is a leading authority in helping energize his audiences to meet the challenges of the world around them. He skillfully weaves his amazing life story of baseball and business into the fabric of daily lives. He motivates his audience to believe, achieve and to make an impact on the world. 

Mr. Land’s dynamic personality and vast knowledge and experience as a motivator and accelerator have made him the perfect fit for Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, small business owners, non-profits, and community leaders from all sectors of society. He has spent decades working with individual entrepreneurs to major companies to help them maximize sales, productivity and achieve overall success. Joseph Land an Elite Entrepreneur, Master Communicator and Strategist! 

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